Installing Tokei in Linux Mint

Tokei is powerful tool developed in Rust to show the list of files in the directory and its number of lines.

In Linux Mint 20, Tokei can be installed with the following steps

sudo wget -qO tokei.tar.gz

-q is for quiet and -O for the output filename

sudo tar xf tokei.tar.gz -C /usr/local/bin

-x option is used for extract, and -f option is used for regular file, -C option is to mention the change to DIR before performing any opeartions.

To uninstall Tokei, use the following command:

sudo rm -rf /usr/local/bin/tokei


Rajaram Systems

Rajaram Systems (formerly Rajaram Computers) is a rural-based development and training company, started by Shri. V Lakshminarayanan with the vision of encouraging and imparting computer education to rural students.

Rajaram Systems primary motto is to teach computer science in Tamil Language as well as to support international community.

Milkpro, the software product developed by Rajaram Systems was widely in Milk Producers Cooperative Society located in the villages of Trichy, Perambalur and Karur Districts. FinPro, CastPro, EstimatePro are the other successful software products of Rajaramcomputers.